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ORDER IN ROES  Designed for professionals, Loktah ROES is full of ordering features and includes our complete catalog of customizable products.
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A beautiful Metal Print from LOKTAH differs from the vast majority of metal prints offered on the market. We print your image direct to surface using a Giclee printing process. Instead of using a dye-sub or UV based printing process we can produce an incredible high definition, detail and color accuracy along with providing a product that is genuinely archival based.

Wallbuddy Hanger

Adds extra strength to frame corners. Always keeps artwork level and flush to a wall. Allows you to hang easier, faster, and professionally. It also Includes two super hooks, nails and hanging instructions.

Corner Treatments

We recommend ordering Rounded Corners on Metal Prints that will be displayed in areas where people may be close to or seated underneath the print.

Print Surfaces


A true matte finish that offers minimal glare.

High Gloss

A reflective finish that enhance your images with rich colors and details.

Metal Prints Metal Prints