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ORDER IN ROES  Designed for professionals, Loktah ROES is full of ordering features and includes our complete catalog of customizable products.

Save time in creating a special disc label for your clients by using one of our beautifully designed templates. Simply download our pre-designed templates and edit them in Photoshop.

To design your own disks, download our Photoshop template and begin. All disc labels are printed directly on the surface with a matte style finish, are full faced, and premium grade quality to ensure that the memories will last for years.

CD-R Disc Standard 700MB
DVD-R Disc Standard 4.7GB
DVD+R Dual Layer Disc 8.5GB
BD-R Disc Standard 25GB


1. All guide layers must be removed before providing artwork.
2. Format: PSD
3. Quality: 100%
4. Resolution: 300 DPI
5. Color Space: sRGB
(CMYK and Grey Scale will not be accepted.)
Disc Printing Service