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ORDER IN ROES  Designed for professionals, Loktah ROES is full of ordering features and includes our complete catalog of customizable products.

Unique and timeless, our business cards leave a lasting impression of quality and beauty. Digitally printed using only the best press on the market, the Indigo offers exceptional archival based inks and high definition imaging unlike any other printing press. Using only the best fine art papers the finished results will impress any client.

Printed on the same fine art papers you'll find in our albums and high end prints you'll be hard pressed to find a better business card.

Loktah's press division produces some of the finest press printed products available. Enjoy sharp, vibrant images and crisp text thanks to the exceptional quality offered by our Indigo digital press and archival inks.

Apart from the standard items like business cards and folded brochures we also produce a number of specialty items. Our cypress set, a replacement for the old table top frame, features a set of 12 specialty prints in a reclaimed cypress wood stand. The photographers menu takes a uniquely Loktah approach to presenting your services and pricing.

Our collection of press printed products includes the following:

Business cards and wallets
Case Booklet
Cypress Set
Flat Cards
Folded Cards
Folded Brochures
Tri-Fold Brochures
Matted Prints
Photographers Menu

Available Sizes

Business Cards: 3.5in x 2in
Wallets: 3.5in x 2.5in

Torn Edge

Add a little sophistication and character to your press products by ordering a torn edge.

Only Available On Wallets

Paper Options

  • Classics: Bright White Matte, Cream Felt, Linen
  • Premium: Cotton Rag, Bamboo

Photoshop® Templates

Get it right the first time. Our templates ensure that your files have the perfect resolution, size and safe area, every time.

Download the product templates

Tiered Pricing

We offer competitive tiered pricing for larger orders which can save you up to 30%. Tiered pricing discounts are applied during checkout.
Business Cards