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Fossil | DVD/CD Cases

Important Notice:

The following Flush Press Book sizes are being discontinued: 10x8, 10x10, 12x12 and 14x10.

We’ve upgraded our primary press, offering a significant improvement in color accuracy and print quality. Unfortunately we will no longer be able to offer some sizes for Flush Press Books specifically. To learn more about our upgrades and how we can assist you to complete any outstanding orders for these sizes please see our Press Upgrades page.

Inspired by the ancient earth beneath the Himalayas, this case is impressed with pressed leaves which gives it a sense of aged beauty.  "Fossil" is also accented with a wooden bead and string dipped in beeswax. This will make the perfect contrast with the CD or DVD you will be presenting to your client.  

Material(s) Impressed Lokta Paper, Wooden Bead
Color(s) Creamy White with Golden leaves impressed
Size(s) 6½ in x 6½ in

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