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Branding by LOKTAH is a unique and beautiful addition to mostly all of our packaging solutions available, allowing you to continue your brand identity all the way to the customer. The branding process is applied by hand using a traditional screen printing process and with that time is required to produce the finished results.  
Minimum Quantity: 6

Artwork Size Selection: Will remain the same size for the entire order and will not be changeable per product type. If ordering multiple products with multiple logo sizes you will need to place an order for each of those products.

Vector File Processing Services

Please note if artwork is not a true vector based file you will be required to pay a one time processing fee of $25.00 in order for us to recreate a vector line form of your artwork.

Finished Result:

The beauty of our packaging is the unique characteristics of each piece with no two exactly alike. Our branding process is the same with being handmade and the way the ink dries on various surfaces expect to see a weathered unique look and no two exactly the same. 

Material(s) Handmade Screen Printing Process
Color(s) Natural White (Dark Cases), Grey (Light Cases)
2 Week Turnaround

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